More men take resort to plastic surgery to enhance their looks

As per reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeon reports, an increasingly large number of American men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks and also boost their confidence level. In fact, there are many men who are undergoing this surgery in order to get back their lost girlfriends who’ve chosen better-looking guys than them. According to the reports of a group, more than 1.4 million cosmetic surgeries were done on US men in the year 2017. For most men, going under the knife to change a body part just boosts their self-confidence and how they see themselves.

While young men tend to focus more on improving their bodies, the older ones undergo facial surgeries which are minimally invasive so that they could look younger. Around 100,000 men took filler injections in the year 2017, which saw a 99% increase since 2000. With the increasing popularity of online plastic surgery websites like, information has become readily accessible. So, what are the main surgeries done by men? Here are few.

#1: Blepharoplasty

This is lower and upper eyelid surgery which is mainly done to remove all those extra skin, to lift eyelids among men that are droopy and to eliminate the eye-bags under their eyes. As this cosmetic surgery involves minimum scarring, guys love to do this as there is clearly no evidence of any surgery once it is complete.

#2: Rhinoplasty

Men often undergo non-surgical and surgical nose surgeries to either alter the shape of their nose or to reduce the size. In case there are bumps in the nose, this process can address bumps; enhance the process of breathing and also fill-in depressions.

#3: Neck lift

Have you heard of turkey neck? Well, this is something which is entirely dreaded by both men and women. However, this is something particularly bothersome to men as it makes them look wider and heavier. Hence, they often go for neck lift which can bless them with a strong jawline, do away with double chin, slim down the entire appearance of the guy and also elongate their neck.

#4: Liposuction

This is an effective and safe body-contouring treatment which allows men to eliminate all sorts of extra fat to give themselves a more sculpted and leaner look. The fat pockets are gone by the time you complete your liposuction procedure. This is especially common among the young guys who wish to have fat-free abdomen and flanks.

So, if you’re someone who is not happy with your looks and you feel that this is the reason behind losing your girlfriend, you should immediately think of undergoing plastic surgery. Choose any of the above mentioned ones according to your body.