How to give an erotic massage to your lover: 4 basic types of erotic massages and what to know about them

When you want to know how to give an erotic massage to your lover, it’s good to recognize various types of these procedures and their different characteristics. Each one of them is unique and grants its receiver a voluptuous and complete feeling of pleasure. Understanding particular types of these erotic methods and the means of carrying them out will help you master these new skills.

How to give an erotic massage – What kinds of massages are there and how to perform them

  1. Tantric massage

Tantric massage as well as tantric sex belongs among the most well-known massages. It merges components of yoga, sexuality, mysticism, and spirituality. Using special Indian, Thai and other techniques it affects both the body and spirit in a relaxing way. It can be used within sexual therapy or during the discovery of extraordinary sexual arousal.

It is important for the receiver to be as relaxed as possible. Profesional’s touches should be both tender and stimulating enough. The pocedure focuses on the loosening of the whole body, especially the intimate parts, therefore climax can be reached by the client which doesn’t necessarily end the session though.

Hint: Variegate your Tantric massage using diverse tools. For instance, you can try:

  • aromatic and essential oils of your favorite fragrance
  • satin-soft strokes
  • feathers
  • petals
  • hot towels
  1. Lingam massage

Penis or Lingam is directly stimulated during it. Besides the penis, the professional also pays attention to the testicles, shaft, prostate, and perineum. The goal of it is to cause relaxation. Reaching ejaculation during it isn’t bound to happen, contrarily the climax should be postponed.

Hint: Don’t be afraid of using non-aromatic oils and using the whole palms instead of just the fingers.

  1. Yoni massage

It is the resemblance of the lingam massage designed for women during which yoni or vulva is being stimulated. Nevertheless, the profesional should not only focus on yoni.

The primary goal of this procedure is once again not the orgasm itself but it can be a great addition. This method is an applicable way of healing sexual blocks as well as a way of relaxation and taking the receiver’s mind off things.

Hint: Use both hands during the Yoni technique and alter the intensity, speed, and form of touches.

  1. Body to body or Nuru massage

It is a technique during which there is oil spread over the client’s body as well as on the body of the profesional herself. Then the body to body massage comes about. The masseuse uses her whole body, restraining hand use to minimum, literally sliding on her client.

Body to body technique capitalizes on sensuality and eroticism of masseuse’s motions and awakens exciting feelings that may lead to the client’s orgasm. At the same time, they have a loosening effect on the receiver’s body.

Hint: Don’t hesitate to use a whole variety of unconventional, inventive and diverse motions.

Erotic massages come across as an interesting foreplay method and whether you are about to grant your better half a tantric, Nuru, lingam or yoni massage don’t be afraid of merging the particular procedures and playing around with them. Perhaps it will lead to creating a technique that will perfectly fit both your and your partner’s senses and making love will become a higher form of connection for you.

Which one of these techniques will you try? Share with us in the comment section.