How To Find The Perfect Escort? Check This Guide!

Like many men, you probably crave for companionship and sexual fun. That’s exactly where paid services come in handy. Let’s agree to one thing – escort services are anything but new. The range and nature of services may vary, but paid sex has its own excitement and fun. Selecting between escorts is often the hardest task, which is why we have a few tips below that may help.


  1. Select services online. Instead of calling up those ads of massage parlors, check for online services. There are agency websites, as well as, escort service aggregators that may come in handy in comparing services. There is also one more benefit of using such services, which is confidentiality. When you don’t want to ask around or rely on ads alone, online services are your best bet.
  2. Check profiles. Believe it or not, the profiles and photos that you see online are for real, at least on the genuine sites. Not every escort offers every kind of services, and checking their profiles is the best way to know the same. Find if they are interested in males, females, couples or all and the range of acts they indulge in. For example, so escorts are just into GFE, or girlfriend experience, which means they will only accept things like cunnilingus, cuddling and kissing. Porn star experience or PSE is usually more expensive, which includes hardcore acts, like blowjobs, intercourse and other relevant aspects like BDSM.
  3. Always focus on time. Escort agencies are particularly careful with regards to time. Unless you have hired a girl for the entire day, most escorts are paid by the hour, and some can be insanely expensive. Not all escorts accept in-calls, which means you may have to arrange for a place for the time together. In case of in-calls, you will have to pay a premium on her services.

Finally, when you are with an escort, make sure that you are good and courteous with her. She is supposed to be your sexual partner and companion for the limited time, and she will do anything and everything to make you happy. If you respect her, it is likely that she will be more willing to experiment and do things that are not exactly a norm. Not to forget, check the payment terms and services, because tipping is not a norm but a choice and the costs should be discussed in advance.