How is the ‘sexcams’ business in Colombia?

After Romania, Colombia is the first country to provide this type of model in the world. I was in a study in Bogotá to explore how women who are dedicated to this live and how legal that practice is.

If I had to define what she does, Daniela would say that she is a sex youtuber. A webcam model that strips naked to entertain its customers for money. But it is not prostitution, clarify, here nobody touches me, I like to disguise myself and do shows to make my followers fall in love. And indeed, when she enters the studio room where she works, Daniela is alone with her toys; she puts on makeup, turns on the camera and starts chatting with the users who will pay to spend a virtual moment with her.

Some come simply to chat and others to masturbate. The idea is to do a little of both. But that is not the only business model that exists, there are other live sex scenarios in which the clients are an orchestra of porn directors that manage the actors at their convenience, according to the number of tokens-virtual currency-that are willing to spend to watch couples, trios or orgies in action.

If they have money, they can opt for a private one in which they are the only ones to enjoy the show. It seems that the majority of consumers prefer live group functions and it can be said that around the sexcams a cooperative industry of anonymous voyeurs has developed. This business has grown so rapidly, Big tits cams, ebony cams, blonde cams, etc., and proven to be able to provide regular income of up to thousands of dollars per month to many young women. The pornography industry will always exist as long as humans still exist because this is a human need.