For Escorts, Not All Success Is Attributed to Beauty – Here’s Why

With sex work slowly finding increasing acceptance in society, there are more and more women deciding to be escorts. While this decision may pay off for some, it might not necessarily for others, even if they are a natural beauty. And while clients do absolutely appreciate a beautiful woman, being a successful escort is far from just being beautiful. Successful escorts are required to offer a lot more than their good looks, and it is usually the other touches that keep clients coming back for more. In this article, we take a look at what elevates successful escorts from the merely attractive ones to demonstrate what it takes to keep clients coming back.

Appreciating the diverse tastes of clients

It might be easy to think that a big following on social media and frequent comments about your beauty will make you the new queen of adult entertainment in Newcastle, but social media will not usually give you an accurate view of the client-base out there. Although you might be used to getting hit on at parties, being attractive will not automatically make you a successful escort – successful escorts offer a more than just good looks, because after all, there are quite a lot of attractive escorts out there! Although looks will help you land a client from the outset, people aren’t paying over $500 to meet with a one-dimensional beautiful girl. What attracts clients to your profile is usually a combination of your looks and how you’ve actually presented your profile – they might click with some of your interests, or may even just enjoy the way that you’ve had your photographs taken. It’s what set you apart from everyone else that they enjoyed – after all, out of hundreds of other people, they must have chosen you specifically for a reason, right?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Because what one person finds attractive can differ wildly from what someone else finds attractive, being an escort is often about finding and understanding your client niche. While some clients might like blondes, others will like redheads, and even things like body shape preferences will differ to a great degree between people. If you’re being featured on an escort agency website and you are competing against ten or so other people with the same hair colour and body shape as you, what would the advantage be in choosing you? Although luck may sometimes play a factor, your profile is usually what sets you apart – but even then, what should keep people coming back to you specifically, especially with all the great options out there? Getting re-booked is all about giving your client the best experience possible – if you think your good looks will keep them coming back, you’re in for a bad time. When they enjoy who you are in person, they’ll be far more incentivised to book you specifically again.

Being an escort is about much more than beauty

Like we mentioned earlier, good looks are great, but they won’t keep people coming back. Instead, it’s all about the great service you deliver during the session and helping the client click with you in some capacity. With this in mind, traditional attitudes to beauty need not apply in the world of escorting – it’s often the case that clients finding a complementary personality can help forge an even stronger connection.