Erotic Massages in Prague and their effects on the body

Erotic massages in Prague can offer you a wide range of emotions and effects on your body and soul. Before you decide to go and try it, let’s look what these effects are and what you can look forward to…

Why are erotic massages in Prague salutary for your body?

Typical erotic massage has a power to get you rid of stress and sexual tension. Regular erotic massage can improve overall health of the sexual organs because your body goes through a deep relaxation, alternated with a slow blood circulation. If the massage is given peacefully and correctly, we can consider it as a form of meditation. Even if there are many kinds of erotic or tantric massages, generally we can sum up their effects into a few points:

  • Release of emotions
  • Release of psyche
  • Release of body on parts that are normally omitted (external and internal sex organs, anus, the pelvic floor area or breast)
  • Acquiring a closer relationship with our body
  • Acquiring an increased susceptibility
  • Possibility to experience new states of soul and body
  • Removing psychical or physical blocks

There are some differences…

Each massage has naturally a little different effects, it is not true that all these effects at once you receive after every kind of massage. So we have to assume that all mentioned effects above are somehow general. We can observe them both at women and at men. In spite of that, there are certain differences between females and males bodies as we now, and we have to take it into account also when giving erotic massages.

  • MEN

For men their sex is something like a gateway to their life energy. This energy is spreading from their sex into the rest of the body. They can discover many new feelings, or for example orgasm without ejaculation, which gives them a pleasant effect of freshness and vitality. The erotic massage can also help with feeling shame or release of doubts about themselves.


Women need more time. And not just in the bathroom. To achieve a total relaxation they need approximately three hours, whereas men need something around two hours. Most of this “extra” time is needed on the beginning. Women need time before they open to the touch on their sex, they need to gain trust. Also, the atmosphere is much more important for them. It is desirable to induce a quiet and peaceful ambience. You can try for example this music to get closer to the atmosphere. In addition, woman body has a different rhythm than male. After they relax, they can reach something magical. Even the women who never experienced orgasm, who thought there is something “out of order” with them can be satisfied. It is a way for them to release suppressed emotions and find a new way to a physical joy and love.

No Orgasm? Never mind!

It is important to keep in mind that orgasm is not necessarily at the end of (most of) the massages. Also, every kind of massage has a little different effects, while typical erotic massage is there mainly for release of sexual tension, tantric massages are usually taken as something “deeper”. Anyway, there is usually no specific target that have to be observed, even if all these effects are very pleasant and we surely enjoy them. There is no definite promise of provision of these results. Some people can reach orgasm, some not. It depends mainly on you, how you are able to cooperate and relax and concurrently on the work of the masseur of course. The most important thing is our full surrender. So whether you reach orgasm or not, just enjoy the power. There is always something you can gain, even if it would be “just” new experience.